In Touch with a different culture: Hasim


Where is your country and what is the official language?

“My country is Sudan, it is the biggest country in all Africa. In the North is Egypt and Libya, in the West is Chad, to the South is Uganda and Kenya and to the East is Ethiopia and Eritrea. Our language is Arabic.”

What is a traditional food from your country?

“We have more than 500 tribes and each one has their own traditional food, along with their own traditional dance and culture. Asieda goraza is from my mom’s tribe. It is essentially like a pizza dough that we put our food on made with different spices. We eat with our hands our hands. Kiesra is from my dad’s side. It is the same as the Asieda but made with different spices. And if we have guests come to the house, we kill a goat in their honor. That is if it is only a single guest, but if we have many guests we honor them by killing a larger animal like a cow.”

What was the biggest culture shock you’ve experienced at Kalani?

“Seeing naked people. It’s not just me as I’ve spoken to many others from the U.S. and many also think.”

What do you like most about your culture?

“You are not responsible for yourself. Your money is not your money, it is for the whole family. You don’t buy for yourself as it is very selfish, but you buy for your family. Everything is shared. Clothes, rooms, shoes, even your car are shared among the family. To write my name on something I put in the fridge, I can’t do that in my country. If I want to buy a soda, I make sure to buy a soda for everyone, not just for me.

How do you say ‘hello’ and ‘I love you’ in Arabic?

“Hello is Al salam alikome. I love you is Ana ahabak.”


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