Kleptomaniac suspected: Missing tools still on the loose!

IMG_1697Despite pleas from the various departments calling for those in the community to NOT take things without asking, this next tale is another painful reminder of how even begging (on knees or not) doesn’t always result the way we hope. A paint roller (pictured as exhibit A) was found missing from the maintenance shed late Saturday afternoon, much to the disappointment of the crew. It was uncertain where the roller rolled off to until an anonymous tip IMG_1709(exhibit B) alerted ‘In Touch with Kalani’ staff of its possible location. This anonymous source sadly only provided the following picture as a clue, yet did not provide a specific location of where it was found. The community is being asked to be vigilant for the missing tool and would like to ask that if anyone has any in information leading to its location, to please contact ‘In Touch with Kalani’ staff as soon as possible. A reward is being offered for its safe and clean return.


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