Menehune mystery solved: Potential CATastrophe avoided

IMG_1720After missing for over a week from his home in OV, Menehune returned unscathed, to the
elation of the locals. One OV neighbor stated “I’ve never seen Menehune gone for such a long time. I found his disappearance very odd and was worried about him, but thankfully he has  returned!” But one question still  remained: where had he been all week? A full scale investigation ensued and led to an intriguing discovery. After extensive interviews from the community it was revealed that about half a mile through the jungle, Menehune IMG_1770was spotted in Uptown engaging in what only could be described as the beginnings of a mating ritual with Elio (this assumption was made after capturing the photo below). Rumors of a potentially elicit affair were quashed however after a brief interview with Elio’s pet Joseph. “I used to be the caretaker for Menehune, that’s how they met.
They are long­time friends”. That clears that up, but as to why Elio was wearing a tutu, we may never know…


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