Public service announcement: Wellness day edition

Taking a wellness day is an essential part of maintaining our health so that we may contribute to the community to the best of our abilities. In that spirit, we at ‘In Touch with Kalani’ wanted to extend some helpful tips on how NOT to care for yourself on your wellness day so that you may heal as quickly as possible.


1) Drinking alcoholic beverages is NOT a recommended way to heal yourself. Especially if you are taking antibiotics, because let’s face it, you’ll just end up peeing them out!

2) While we all strive to heal ourselves in the most natural way, please ensure you are up to date on your knowledge of botany before attempting to heal yourself with our surrounding nature. No one wants to end up with poison ivy on top of their lava cut!

3) And for goodness sake, if you need crutches it would be wisest
to actually use both!


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