A Kalani Exclusive: Not Enough Gold??

gold“I’ve had enough!”. Hazim, a beloved volunteer at Kalani was overheard shouting this statement after the release of the first issue of In Touch with Kalani. Sources revealed he was accosted by others unaffiliated with ‘In Touch…’ with follow-up questions of their own. In a sudden turn of events however, Hazim who expressed wishes to leave after all the harassment had gold 2a change of heart.  Literally as it turned out, for only a few days later reports began to fly in about a new lady in his life!  Kalarazzi photographers captured the following pictures where the couple look to be discussing a serious matter, that was later rumored to be a wedding proposal!  An anonymous source went on gold 3to tell ‘In Touch…’ that Hazim had already spoken to gold 4his parents about her and talk of offering gold to his potential bride was underway.  Love seemed to be blooming for the two Kalani volunteers until (in an ironic twist) Michelle suddenly departed! Close friends are tight lipped about the reason for her sudden exit, that left Hazim in shambles.  “She didn’t even say goodbye”, Hasim confessed.  “I needed a moment of silence to process and mourn.” Our hearts go out to you Hazim!!


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