Aloha From Lava Land: Review

lavalandRecently we were treated to a screening of Aloha from Lava Land, a film documenting the simple reality of the town of Pahoa, Hawaii as it is threatened by a lava flow promising to cut it in two as it covers the only road to access it. Co-directed by Zenne Seradwyn, captures the drama of the residents whose lives would be impacted by the cutting in two of the town by lava. This is a film celebrates the reality and the uniqueness of what is a very special place on the planet, and why those who choose to call it home love it as much as they do.

Watching the film, did however, create anxiety for those in the audience. The reality that it could happen easily, that at any time; we could be cut in two, divided, separated, kept from our loved ones and our ohana was simply too real. What if a lava flow covered the path and road at Kalani, cutting it in two- “New Kalani” and “Old Kalani?” If the lava flowed across the Kalani campus cutting uptown from downtown in the campground, the kitchen from the pool and Guest Services, would we be prepared? Could Old Kalani survive with the kitchen but no access road for the Suisan truck to make deliveries? Could Permaculture provide enough to survive on? Could New Kalani survive without Field of Dreams parties and movie nights in the TV room? Are there enough chicken wraps in Hale Aloha to keep everybody’s bellies full? These are sobering questions that we should each take a moment to consider.
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