Bee Charged with Illicit Behavior at Pride Parade

Insider sources revealed a bee (not the actual insect, but a person dressed as one) was arrested and charged with illicit behavior after publicly exposing themselves at the Pride Parade.  Or in other words simply BEEhaving improperly!  Kalani, as many may know was a proud presence at the Pride Parade held in Hilo July 9th.  Their theme this year was ‘Bee Love’ where all Kalani attendees showed their support by dressing as bees.  The news of a Kalani bee BEEing arrested spread like wildfire as concerned Kalanian’s rushed to the station to bail their fellow bee out. Sources say the police refused to release the name of the alleged perpetrator, which set off an eruption of chaos that led to one participant, dressed as a hornet, threatening to sting the police!  Thankfully, however, things settled down and the name of the deviant bee was finally released!  Turns out the naughty bee was in fact an imposter bee and was not affiliated nor associated with Kalani in any way! Phew! Now that makes better sense, for of course no Kalanian’s would feel the need to expose themselves in public when they can do it any time at the Kalani pool. Duh!



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