Darby: The Storm that Wasn’t, Really

The forecast was for torrential rain and for winds up to 50 miles per hour. And that’s what happened, more or less. Wind. Rain. You know, a storm. As far as tropical storms go, Darby was a wimpy one at the very least that left many Kalani volunteers looking to the heavens saying, “Is that all you got?” The electricity didn’t even go out. I mean, come on!

chairIt is true that some trees did come down and some branches did fall during Tropical Storm Darby, but in all fairness, those trees and branches were going to come down anyway. The fact that they did during the storm is pure coincidence and is in no way indicative of the storm’s power. So when you hear somebody say something like, “The storm made such a mess…” tell them, “No it didn’t.” Let’s be fair and not give credit where no credit is due.

What Darby did do for our community though was it gave us a chance to use vocabulary words that otherwise we never would. Phrases such as “batten down the hatches” and “hunker down,” suddenly spew out of everybody’s mouth like poetry because the only time you do these things are during storms. “Storm’s coming! Batten down the Hatches!” And when was the last time you needed to “hunker down” to get through a sunny, nice day? It’s never happened, has it? No. You hunker down to get through a storm. Period.

Darby was only the first storm to come our way this storm season. Maybe there will be more. Maybe there won’t be. If Darby has taught us anything, it is that whatever storms come our way probably won’t be anything to worry about.


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