GET INSPIRED! The Kitchen Ohana: Increasing your lifespan since 1975

How much time do you get back on your life by being at Kalani? Let’s break it down from the kitchen perspective:

Time saved:

  • Shopping for weekly groceries: 2 hours
  • Getting to store: 1 hour
  • Cooking an organic and nutritious meal weekly: 10 hours
  • Cleaning up after your meals weekly: 5 hours

Total: 18 hours gained weekly

So what does this mean for you?

Sabbatical (1 month): 72 hours gained

3 month volunteer: 216 hours gained

Richard (42 years): 1,273 days gained

1,273 days gained to swim more, get to that yoga class, have a pedicure by the pool, dance the hula, make some leis, paint portraits, play the ukulele, or simply get centered…  No wonder Richard is so youthful!

Weekly Aloha Statistic:
Did you know that acknowledging people as you walk around (i.e. actually noticing people) with a smile and saying ‘Aloha’ increases your release of serotonin (the feel good chemical) by 84% and also increases your IQ by 100 points!  So let’s get out there, get your smile on and ALOHA that!!


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