Hale Aloha Opens Despite (Little Known) Insurmountable Obstacles!

  • hale aloha spider copyElectrical wires were delivered in a tangled mess due to bouncing around in the delivery trucks
  • We ordered pipes from the mainland but they kept sending crack pipes instead
  • They ran out of ‘positive energy’ paint and sent us ‘mangled rainbow’ and ‘deranged kittens’ paint
  • E-dancers overflowed into Hale Aloha stalling work on Sundays
  • Punatic family moved in and asserted squatters rights
  • Local hippies blocked entrances for hours on end making entry impossible
  • Monies allotted for construction was diverted to a homeless family in the spirit of Aloha

Even nature was against us…

  • Spider webs blocked entry to arachnophobic off-site contract workers who refused to pass them
  • Geckos (along with their poop) were found stuck to the walls and had to be gently scraped off and released back outside after walking across fresh paint
  • Workers were unexpectedly attacked by fire ants who moved into the wood that was ordered for construction
  • Pigs found their way in and started digging up the cement in search of worms

The community is grateful that despite all the odds, Hale Aloha is finally  open and Mama Dee is busier than ever making sandwiches to sell to all. We love you Mama Dee!


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