Public Service Announcement: Walking on Lava

As Pele erupts her power of fire in a visually stunning display for tourists and locals alike to enjoy, we thought it a good time to remind people of the many precautions one should undertake if planning to visit her glory.


  1. Water, water and more water!  Though water is the opposite of fire, therefore seeming like a potential insult to the goddess, we do recommend you bring copious amounts of water for your journey to refresh your spirit along the way.


  1. Wear sensible shoes for the hike! Ladies, leave your stilettos and platform shoes for the clubs!  Time to get in on sensible footwear, preferably ones that cover your toes and don soles with good traction. Men, we also recommend you leave your stilettos and platforms at home and get those hiking boots on. We don’t want any more blood loss people!!


  1. If you are going to bring an offering to sacrifice in her fires, it is best to choose something from nature and from your heart.  Ex boy or girlfriends are NOT considered good options to sacrifice, despite one’s wishes to do so!

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