Wonder Woman to the Rescue?

MelDuring a particularly grueling day in Housekeeping due to the unexplained absence of Mel, volunteers were elated to have the sudden appearance of Wonder Woman herself!  She seemingly came out of nowhere and swooped in to the rescue vacuuming, cleaning surfaces, scrubbing toilets, making beds and folding towels with such energy and zest that it had onlookers watching in awe!  She was so speedy and energetic that it had some ‘wondering’ where hplants copyer ‘wonder’ powers actually came from. In potentially related news, horticulture reported that same morning that one of their “potted” plants was missing.  Though we at In Touch don’t like to jump to conclusions (kidding, that’s our favorite pastime!) we couldn’t help but think whether the missing ‘potted’ plant had anything to do with Wonder Woman’s super mel 2powers?? Some in depth investigations were needed to see if a link was possible, so a reporter was sent to the horticulture shed where a Kalarazziphotographer found evidence of a missing plant. Though there wasn’t anyone present to confirm whether the plant was missing or simply an extra pot for future planting, as it’s our nature to jump to dramatic conclusions, we’re just gonna go ahead and say the missing mystery plant was the source of her powers. Especially after viewing this snapshot taken later in the day where, by the expression in her face, seems like Wonder Woman was coming down from her super powers.  We rest our case!


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