Bags of Water Appearing Site-wide: Natural Fly Traps or Conspiracy?

4_7You no doubt have noticed them. Baggies of water hanging off each post on the lower lanai marked with an inscription “Fly Repel” along with a date. We are told that this natural form of fly repellent contains only water and little squares of what looks like aluminum (aluminum for those from the UK or Oz). How does it work? Some hypotheses exist: flies get freaked out by the warped view of themselves while doing a fly-by; the light refraction keeps them at bay. Regardless of how they work, we were interested in whether it was only water in those baggies. What prompted this question? People seemed to smile and laugh more after the bags of “water” appeared, which rose our spidey-senses to wonder whether there wasn’t something a bit more sinister involved. It was one late evening, under the cover of darkness that we sent out one of our informants to stealthily take a sample from one of the baggies and bring it back to us. We sent the contents to a local lab in Hilo. We had a ton of fun speculating on what the lab results would reveal. Is it hippy sweat from the Ecstatic Dance floor? Could it be urine samples from an alien species? Or maybe the nectar of some freakish fruit that only a Punatic could even pronounce the name of? We waited for the results. Once in, we were shocked to find that the results came back to us in code: H2O. The plot thickens! H2O… Sounded like a hip street name for a new drug to us! But wait… Isn’t H2O simply the chemical composition of water? Hmmm… Dead end. Still convinced the results were wrong, we sent our informant out again under the cover of now semi-darkness to collect samples from more baggies. When the new results came in, we were astounded to find out they revealed once again the code: H20. We once again hit a wall. Investigations continue.


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