Legends of Kalani

4_3Legend has it that there exists a place, deep in the jungle, where very few traverse. In this place surrounded by nature is a chair. There isn’t anything particularly interesting about the chair.  Simple, like many others, it’s covered with a towel and a small cushion.  But this chair, this space is respected. For only one person sits upon this chair. Others who try to sit upon it look nervously about them the entire time for the one who normally sits on it to arrive, and if that person does, those who were on it jump up, apologize for the intrusion and move on to another chair. If it is the only chair left to sit in, some even go so far as to refuse taking the space opting to stand instead. For it is a sacred spot rumored to hold and harness ultimate power. Those who do sit on it without regard to the power it holds are reminded that they don’t belong there. A cat vomitting beside them, fire ants dropping onto them, geckos unloading their intestinal tract on them, mosquitos attacking in vicious swarms. The signs of your unwelcome are present, though some insist on testing them. Only one is truly welcome in that chair. One with mystique and power beyond our full knowledge. One who lives among us, yet who blends in so well that few recognize their important presence. If you are one of those who has been blessed by them in your midst and have humbled yourself while with them, well done! For all others, be warned! And let this story now be a lesson for you: do not seek this chair. For if you are worthy to sit beside it, it will call to you. But do not test it either by sitting upon it or risk unleashing the protective nature it bears for the one and only who rests upon it.


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