Ohana Night Speed Connection

4_11Last week’s ohana night featured a clever take on the newest dating trend of speed dating. With a few changes to the original format, the event was deemed a success by the attendance of about 10 people (of whom about 6 were practically bullied to attend in the first place)!  Wow. 10 people??? Aren’t there like over a hundred of us? Only a whopping 10% showed??  The shame! We digress but hold the right to continue the scolding at a later date. Ohana night leader and planner, Clay-Clay painstakingly hand 4_12wrote a ridiculous number of questions on flash cards that were then thrown into a basket. The basket was passed around to the various participants where one card was drawn, read aloud and answered by the one who drew the card. Questions arose such as “Have you ever fed ‘beggin-Meghan?”, “Would you rather have a pig in your tent or a mongoose in your toilet?”, or our personal favorite, “When naked around people, do you feel the need to shave?”. Needless to say the 10 of us who did attend are now BFFs and will probably ignore everyone else on site since we are so well bonded to one another and since we know just about every detail of each others lives just by attending that one ohana event. But seriously, for those who didn’t attend, you missed out on the laughter, the tears and the fright (we ended on real life ghost stories). Hopefully you will wise up and join in the next time ohana night events come around.


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