Ways Not to Be

4_6Is this you? Do you leave your dirty dishes in Hale 2 or some other community space? Why do you do that? That’s obnoxious. Stop it. Bus your dishes. Every time you leave a dirty dish un-bussed, an angel falls out of Heaven and dies. Stop killing the angels. And what about just standing there in front of the coffee machine during peak times of coffee consumption? There was a time at Kalani when it was okay to punch people who do that. Thank goodness we have evolved beyond that to be a more civilized community, but still, there are a number of old schoolers here and you don’t want to give them flashbacks to that era, so take this advice- get your coffee and get out of the way. Remind yourself of this one simple concept: mindfulness. Be mindful not to leave your clothes lying around everywhere. Be mindful to take your soap out of the shower. Be mindful not to push your way into a meal line. Just be mindful. If you are not, something horrible might happen to you as karma exact its revenge. You have nobody to blame but yourself it does. You’ve been warned.


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