Ways to be Nice

4_5Remember that feeling the last time somebody smiled at you? It felt kind of nice, didn’t it? Keep that in mind the next time you encounter somebody and flash them a nice, happy, friendly smile. It doesn’t cost anything and it will make them feel good. This is one thing that living in community is all about- creating happiness and harmony that will ripple outward and be felt by all. Don’t feel like smiling all the time? There are other nice things you can do as well. Share a beer or a bottle of wine. Brighten someone’s spirit with your music. Bus somebody’s dishes. Offer to bring somebody a cup of coffee, and if you really care about them, remember their preferences – do they like the cup ¾ of the way full, or filled to the rim? Do they prefer the oblong shaped cups or the other ones? When somebody does something nice, say “thank you.” Learn to say “thank you” in their native language if they are from another land and bask in their impressedness. Say “aloha” with love and conviction in your tone and demeanor. It is so simple to make


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