Cleaning Chairs Before the Storm: Why Bother?

As we like to keep our community in touch with the culture of this beautiful chairsland we all share, we thought it a great idea to dig a little deeper and inform all of lesser
known Hawaiian traditions. One such
tradition is that of how to honor nature.
According to ancient folklore, it is a Hawaiian tradition to scrub lethal black mold off chairs just before the arrival of hurricanes in order to appease and welcome 2 Gods: Pele the goddess of fire, lightning and wind and Lono who brings rain. For if this ancient tradition is not upheld and the Gods do not feel properly welcome, they will strike out with fierceness bringing their full fury and inciting fear. Thankfully for us, here at Kalani we have just the right resources to appease the Gods. For among the numerous classes available to us
weekly (yoga, healing circle, hula, tapping) there is even one that fit in perfectly with our needs. Not many people know about the class, but it is one for those with OCD. Yes, once weekly the people with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder within our community get together to learn how to deal with their, well, disorder. Upon hearing that a hurricane was on it’s
way, and since we wanted to appease the Hawaiian Gods, we reached out to the group to see if they would be willing to help us on our quest. They were all too eager to assist us, which should have risen a red flag perhaps, but we were all too eager for their assistance nonetheless. For 2 full days before the hurricane’s arrival they scrubbed laboriously and
selflessly chair after chair, table after table. Lo and behold they did such a great job and appeased the Gods so well that the hurricane dissipated! While we figured they could stop scrubbing chairs and tables at that point, they strangely continued on for 2 days after the all clear! Perhaps we shouldn’t have enabled their behaviors that they work so hard to
otherwise keep in check.


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