Money Making Scheme Unearthed!

schemeThis next story is so vile, so disturbing, so unbelievably sickening, that we were unsure whether we should write about it. But because we were royally ticked that we weren’t the ones to come up with this ingenious idea in the first place and because we weren’t even offered the consideration to be cut in on the scheme,
we decided to unearth this devious plot. ITWK was given an anonymous tip about a money making scheme happening right here in our very own backyard by one of our very own volunteer community members. According to our sources the scheme works like this: generally when a volunteer makes the transition from a 3 month stay to a commitment of years, they are put on a waiting list for their very own Aframe. The wait may take years itself to actually come to fruition, but nonetheless, when that lucky person’s number comes up, they get their very own semisolid, smaller than a tent space Aframe to call their very own. Oh, and it has electricity! Probably should have started with that. In any event, before actually moving into said Aframes, many of the volunteers like to revamp the space to make it their own. Such amendments like painting, adding insulation, installing satellite dishes, and other scheme-2‘pimping’ adjustments are made before they actually give up their tents. It’s within those days, or weeks or sometimes months (Jola) that this nasty scheme takes place! You see, while the Aframe remains unoccupied and alone, one brave volunteer decided to capitalize on the situation by renting out the vacant Aframes to local Punatics! Thankfully, since this scheme has come to our attention, we have been able to right the wrongs of this sneaky volunteer and hopefully putting the story in print will deter any other wiseguys out there in the community thinking they can make a quick buck at our communities expense. The guilty volunteer is currently awaiting his punishment (which will probably just be a stern word to never do that again). Just goes to show you what can happen to dishonest people (or those who don’t make a bargain with the writers of a magazine). Just sayin’.


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