New Volunteer Petered Out

petered-outAbout two weeks ago, on a random search of the weather, this screenshot was taken. Why was it so interesting? Well, because as you can see all the days surrounding our deep clean days were sunny or partly cloudy while the days of our deep clean were forecasted with torrential downpours and storms. This peaked our interest! Following some investigations, we learned from the volunteer office that we were expecting a new volunteer by the name of Madeline. She hailed from the Pacific and was scheduled to arrive at Kalani during the first days of the deep clean. We were told she was a vibrant youth with lots of energy and cleaning abilities, so naturally we were quite excited about her arrival! She did come with some interesting conditions however… Campers had to move out of their sites into Hales, plastic drums full of water (in case of loss of electricity) were strategically placed around bathroom sites, everyone was told to secure valuable and
have an pack of their essentials ready (just in case)… Sheesh, it sounded like a freaking storm was on the way or something! While these demands were rather odd for the arrival of a volunteer, the community did as instructed. She arrived on the first day of our deep clean and dumped buckets and buckets of water on our land. But then, mysteriously without even saying a word or even a goodbye, she just up and left. She couldn’t even survive a day here! According to our sources however, she was never actually informed that she would be arriving during our deep clean, and once she saw the hard work we were all putting in to get the place in shape, she was overheard stating that “it was not what I signed up for” and just took off. What can we say, some volunteers know how to roll up
their sleeves and hack it, while others well, they just don’t have the stuff it
takes to be here.


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