Free Waxing at the pool!

poolAn excited volunteer ran into our INWK office screaming “We don’t have to shave or wax anymore!” Hmmm that was strange. Are we all going wild and turning into Punatics? But this is a beauty of Kalani; you can be who you really are here: short, tall skinny, heavy, gay, straight, monogamous, polygamous, the one who waxes regularly or the ones with legs, armpit and down there looking like wild forest. We don’t care. We are in the jungle so why not look like real jungle people? The truth is most of us wants to be waxed and look clean, however the waxing and shaving is painful and takes so much time and energy, which we could spend on something fun, that we don’t want to do it. So some of us suffer and go for it, and others just give up and turn into Punatics. We don’t have to shave if we don’t want to, so our volunteer’s excitement piqued our curiosity. We calmed her down and listened to her story. “I went to the pool and next morning all my unwanted hair disappeared.”
Our ITWK investigator went to the pool to look for evidence; the water
samples were sent to the lab. The results were shocking. The chemicals ‘chlorofoeknkjhfdioakajanus was found in our pool, as evidenced by the chemical’s symbol clearly visible at the bottom of the deep end of the pool! Chlorofoeknkjhfdioakajanus is found in a hair removing products and was banned in 15 countries all over the world including Japan. Further investigation revealed a conspiracy to make us all look clean to the outside world for the Yoga Festival and Hale Aloha opening.


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