Kanaka’ole warning

Why are we having sudden violent storms? What are we doing to upset the Kanaka’ole ancestor, the family whose land we are on?

lightning● Are we not having enough Hula at Kalani, or are we are doing the steps wrong, dancing on the toes instead on the flat feet – Kanaka’ole style?

● Maybe we don’t chant enough or we are chanting to wrong gods. Are we chanting to Laka, goddess of forest while we are visiting Pele?

● Did the food upset them? Almond butter is gone, and it was not replaced by local macadamia butter. Do we not eat enough taro?

● Prisoners in hale Ohana. Kanaka’ole are peaceful people, they probably don’t like the fact that our volunteers are imprisoned at Kalani.

● Are there too many hammocks? Are we becoming too lazy?

● Are they not happy with the sudden appearance of wolves?

● Maybe because we didn’t clean the transformer during our deep clean they decided to clean it themselves and scrubbed too hard?

● Are they upset that John is leaving?

● Do they not like the placement of the new K-8 cottage?

● Maybe they want more bacon in the pig slop for the pigs.

● Are they displeased with the overuse of cellphones on the lanai?

● Are Kalani people taking a wrong path while walking in the jungle?  There is a Toni Thompson trail which should be followed otherwise we will end up where Kanaka’ole ancestors don’t want us to go and this will anger them forcing them to turn into another
gigantic storm costing another transformer. Are we listening to what they are trying to tell us?


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