The secret of nailed doors in Hale Ohana revealed

closedSuspicion arose after Hale Ohana was closed due to “construction.” What construction? There are no construction workers upstairs, maintenance team seems to focus on other task, maintenance manager went on vacation (or did he?), we don’t hear any heavy power tools, not even a hammer, nor a drill. Nothing, just silence. Silence is good, we all need silence but we also need our Hale Ohana. Insiders revealed there are actually noises coming from different rooms upstairs. How is that possible if all the doors upstairs are nailed? Further investigation revealed a shocking discovery. Our beloved Hale Ohana was turned into a prison! According to our sources, misbehaved volunteers are locked there. We tried to rescue them but we are not allowed to enter Hale Ohana. Who is imprisoned in Hale Ohana, and why? What could they have possibly done that is so horrible that they are detained in Kalani’s very own version of Guantanamo Bay? We have few suspects:..

fire1. Richard – he was reported burning evidence at the campfire and then fleeing the country. What was he burning? And why burn them now? What doesn’t Richard want us to know as Kalani is on the threshold of great change? Has anybody heard from him since he left? Did he actually make it to the airport, or was he detained by Kalani’s Secret Security Force and imprisoned for acts of treason against Kalani?

2. Joe – isn’t it interesting how he went on vacation while major ‘construction’ is going on? Evidence suggests that Joe was imprisoned as a ploy by his second in command to overthrow his leadership and establish a new Maintenance Hierarchy. Are we, as a community, going to take this? Stand up now and demand justice for Joe!

4. Our own ITWK reporter disappeared without a trace. Alex’s whistle blowing in ITWK’s previous issue resulted in the busting of a major money making scheme involving the rental of A-frames to Punatics. This certainly did not win her many friends within the ohana. It did, in fact, bring about a number of threats against her safety and her life. Could a vengeful A-frame dweller have taken things too far in their retaliation against our
faithful reporter?

The truth remains that we don’t know who is imprisoned in Hale Ohana for certain, but whoever is locked behind those doors is suffering immeasurably. Let’s all send positive healing energy to those rooms to help alleviate the pain those poor prisoners are in.


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