Wolves spotted at management housing

A terrified volunteer recently ran screaming his head off into the ITWK office, wanting comfort, wanting to be soothed. When he finally calmed down enough to tell us what was wrong, we could scarcely believe his story. He told us he had walked by the Peace House, the building where many of the managers live, and saw a pack of wolves circling, licking their chops- hungry while the managers inside all screamed for help. Our first response was to laugh. Wolves? On the Kawolflani campus? How ridiculous. But then we heard it with our own ears- that somber, terrifying howl of a wolf pack. There was no other explanation. It was true. A pack of  wolves
had invaded our peaceful, happy Kalani and seemed to be hungry for
managers. But why? Why Kalani? Why now? Why the Peace House?
What is it about the managers that these wolves find so appetizing? To understand the situation, we decided we needed to put ourselves in the mindset of a wolf. If we were wolves, what would we want? The answer is simple- the best food we could sink our teeth into. It seems that these wolves have depleted their old food supply- a nearby sheep farm that supplies Kalani with delicious mutton. With no more sheep to eat, the wolves migrated our way, and judging by the primo housing, concluded that the managers must be the highest quality food on campus. Best housing= best quality= best food.Yum! So why wouldn’t they want to fill their bellies with them? We totally understand. With none of us having the necessary weapons to stave off a wolf attack, we have concluded that the only course of action is to let nature take its course. In the words of Charles Darwin, “May the best species win.” While we, of course, hope the managers make it out alive, we are prepared to accept any outcome and just hope that once the wolves have satiated their hunger, they will move on. We like our managers, and don’t want to see them in harm’s
way. Advised to avoid any and all manager housing while the wolves are with us, the volunteer then went on his way, relieved that he, as just a does not have anything to worry about.


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