Kalani Problems

  • Hmmm… What should I do? Take a shower, eat a snack, go to the pool, walk to the beach, sit at the point, hang out in the art shed, go for a bike ride? Or do I want a nap? Oh, I don’t know.
  • Which yoga should I go to: Restorative, Kundalini, Vinyasa, Yin? Should I go to Hula instead?
  • menueI can’t pronounce anything on tonight’s dinner menu.
  • I really want a coconut, but they’re too high up in the tree.
  • That potato wasn’t a potato. It was a parsnip. I hate parsnips!
  • A fire ant crawled into the hood of my hoodie and bit my head.
  • My hard-boiled egg won’t peel right.
  • I have no idea how to eat this fruit. Am I supposed to peel it or what?
  • Just as I’m sticking my toothbrush in my mouth a little black bug lands in the toothpaste.
  • And… onmitsue more pair of flip-flops bites the dust.
  • My lei for the hula festival looks too busy because of all the orchids in it.
  • First rainbow I see all week, and it isn’t even a double rainbow.
  • I want seconds on dessert, but the kitchen is too far away from the lower lanai.
  • Hmm… Half and half, coconut milk, or hemp milk in my coffee? Sugar? Honey? Brown rice syrup? Agave? Or do I just want it black? Oh, I don’t know.
  • It wasn’t raining when I walked up to the lanai so I didn’t bring an umbrella…. but now it’s pouring.
  • What I really want is some personal space, but everybody wants to hug me.
  • I ate too much again and I can’t walk.
  • Why all the classes are at EMAX? I have to walk 10 min to get there. I will skip tonight. Too much walking.



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