Shocking Discovery About Our Friendly Founder Richard

richard-tentA witness said that he spotted Richard’s paintings next to a tiny tent on Kalani’s campsite. We got worried. Somebody stole his painting to decorate the campsite? Somebody purchased it?  We all know volunteers have no money. Whose campsite is it? We found no record of anyone living there. We decided to investigate. We hid in the bushes early in the morning to find out who lives there. We couldn’t believe what we’ve seen. How is it possible?! What was going on? We thought we saw a ghost. We know Halloween season is coming but it is still too early for ghosts. We took pictures and asked around to confirm that individual identity. We were not imagining. There he was – Richard, the friendly founder of Kalani himself! What was going on?! Richard moved to the campsite?! And not to any campsite but to the tiniest tent ever. We had to know why. We all know he loves to interact with volunteers but to leave his home in Ocean Vista to live in a campsite? Something was wrong here. ITWK investigators worked hard interviewing everyone around, taking pictures and fingerprints. We got the answers! Richard decided to become a minimalist. We all know he was burning pictures and documents before his trip to Tahiti. During his travels he realized that the one suitcase he took was more than enough to live happy life. And now back at Kalani, he has decided to continue this minimalist lifestyle and forego the comforts of his old life. What a leadership! Let’s all follow his example, leave our mansions, cottages, huge tents and A-frames and focus on love, happiness and the stars you are going to sleep under!


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