Top napping places by departments

Tired during your shift? Need a nap, but not sure where to take one? Presented here are the top napping spots per department:



  • The bed of Squeaky provides amazing sleeping quarters. You can park it anywhere and sleep. For extra privacy, pull one of the tarps over you. You’ll sleep good.
  • It is common practice for the landscaping team to pile weeds on a tarp to be dragged away. As soon as there is a good size pile, dig your way under them all. This is restful like you won’t even believe!
  • If you are out on the property somewhere, say, “I need a lopper!” Then take Squeaky back to the shed, let yourself in, get comfortable, and have a nice nap.


  • napping-2Haul the slop out with the little wagon and remove the buckets from the wagon. That wagon is surprisingly comfortable to lie down in, and you can pull it behind the slop platform where nobody will see you.
  • Say, “The lower lanai needs salt.” Then walk down there, stretch out under one of the tables and snooze away.
  • Say, “I’m going to get some bok choy.” Then go in the walk in, find a comfortable corner to snuggle up in and drift into dreamland. The cold will help lull you into a relaxed state.



  • Oh please. Housekeepers have access to every room on property. Take your pick.


  • napping-3Say, “Something’s wrong with the white van.” Then go to wherever the white van is parked, skootch under it as if you are doing something mechanical with it, then sleep as long as you want.
  • The maintenance shed is huge. When you are in there, go to a part of it where nobody else is. Lie down on the floor. Nobody will notice as long as long you don’t start snoring.
  • Say, “There’s a bad pipe I need to fix.” Take a wrench with you so you look legit, then snuggle up in a ditch somewhere and nap away!

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