Chayumans Brains are Ready to Hatch


In our last issue, we warned you of Scott’s hideous and unthinkable experiments towards splicing human genes into the genetic structure of the Chaya tree in order to create a race of transgenic super volunteers.This of course will wipe out the social structure and volunteer dynamics that have fueled Kalani’s operations for over forty years now. People! It’s happening! This is real! The brains of the first wave of these  Chayumans have fully incubated. They are ready to be transplanted into the Chaya trees. Brace yourself, dear Kalani volunteers. The paradigm is about to shift. As these Chayumans acclimate and become self-aware, not one of us will be safe. Our jobs will most certainly be taken over. Is Polestar Gardens accepting applications? We may have nowhere else to go soon. Thanks Scott. Thanks a lot. Hope you and your tree-human volunteer hybrids will be very happy.


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