Tiki’s dark secret revealed!

tikiRecently a very sad volunteer came into our office, crying and sniffling and shaking and convulsing in spasms of utter grief, despair and heartbreak. We gave him a tissue to blow his nose and a Snickers bar to cheer him up. When he was finally able to talk,we asked him what was wrong. “It’s Tiki,” he said. “I went to her hale, and she’s not there anymore. She’s gone! Tiki’s gone! Where’d she go? Why did she leave?” Then the tears started to flow once again. We finally got him soothed, and we promised to  investigate. We quickly mobilized our team of investigators and we feel obligated to share Tiki’s secret with you.

Tiki lives in The Castle now. She still works at Kalani, but she is the bride of Castle John. He treats her like a queen.

We support Tiki’s decision. Who wouldn’t want to live in a castle? Especially the Puna Castle of Seaview? That place is glorious and magnificent! Just walking by it, you feel its draw. Something about it pulls you in. You want to know what’s going on inside and to epitomise that lifestyle. But it is a forbidden place. Only a few are invited inside. You must be chosen. Castle John, the king of the castle, must see in you, something special. He saw that in Tiki. Now they are together.

One of the many beautiful things about Tiki is, no matter what, she stays humble. She may now be the Queen of the Castle, but here at Kalani, she is still her own wonderful self. She is still approachable. You can still talk to her just like you always could, and her laughter still brings joy to the air. In every way, she is still our Tiki. But be mindful, when she goes home, she is the wife of Castle John. Leave them to their life together.


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