Who Really is Jinsong R.?

jinsong-2It was a peaceful Monday morning, everybody gathered together for our weekly meeting, Sasha made beautiful leis for our arriving and departing volunteers. We were all expecting the meeting will go smoothly. Well that didn’t happened. As soon as the Volunteer Office happily announced there is no birthday this week, we heard from the crowd: no, no, wait! We have Jinsong’s birthday on Friday! Volunteer Office panicked. Birthday?! Impossible, how come? Mistake? We checked three times and there was no birthday in our DB for this week. Everybody started crying, and Jinsong was wailing. He didn‘t get his birthday lei and everybody felt bad.

cake Our investigation team went into action again. We checked our DB and Jinsong passport which clearly said he was born on September 3rd, and we are on November 4th! What is going on here? We have a million thoughts crossing our heads. Our beloved, sweet, loving, caring and gentle Jinsong lied to us? Jinsong arrived at Kalani after his birthday and maybe he just wanted to celebrate with Ohana that is why he made this up. But he could just ask, Sasha would be happy to make a birthday lei for him even if it was not his birthday. We tried to find an explanation but we couldn’t. We have clear evidence he is not telling us something. Who is Jinsong? Did he lie? Is he a spy? Is his passport counterfeit? We tried to find him on Facebook and we were even more mesmerized when we found his picture with a name SEAN R! We panicked. Is Kalani in danger? We have to save our home. We decided to kidnap Jinsong/Sean and torture him by tickling, to reveal the truth. Thankfully he decided to cooperate and tell us the truth. Here is his story. He comes from a small village in China where they use a lunar calendar that is based on cycles of the lunar phases.  When he was born his parents registered his date of birth based on lunar calendar. And the name? He is a yoga teacher in China and he has a lot of English students he decided to change his name to an English name for easier pronunciation. Beautiful story but we didn’t buy it. We called the Chinese Embassy and we contacted our Secret Agents in China and we got the answers! Jinsong/Sean is a Secret Agent named ‘Koa’ sent by Chinese Government. That is why he couldn’t reveal his real identity. He was sent to the Big Island to bring Pele’s fire and the Aloha spirit to China. Have you seen Jinsong dancing hula? He dances better than our Kumus and he claims he never danced hula before. But we know better. He was trained to dance hula in China as soon as he learn how to walk to offer his dance to Pele in exchange for fire. Chinese people need the fire to burn old habits and to embrace Aloha spirit. What a beautiful mission! Please support Jinsong and show him as much love and Aloha spirit as you can! Say Wo ai ni (I love you)! We are with you Jinsong! We love you.


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