Jim Larsen makes people sick

jimThere have been a startling number of sick volunteers lately, and all this sickness can be traced to Jim Larsen, for which he is sorry. Here’s what happened- at the November Open Mic, Jim read a poem all about sickness and disease. Jim is a powerful manifester who forgot his own power. While his poem was specifically about an unspecified venereal disease, the transmission to the universe was received as sickness in general, and by the Law of Attraction, this is what the universe delivered. Since Jim himself is impervious to all sickness and disease himself, this sickness rippled out to the ohana instead and manifested as the flu, head colds, strep throat, and who knows what all else. Jim truly does feel bad about this, and has issued this apology:

“Sorry about that. I’ll never read that poem again. It wasn’t that great anyway. I’ll stick to poems about kittens and rainbows and happy stuff like that from now on.”

This just goes to show you that our thoughts, or more specifically, our poetry, create our reality, and if you are not careful, you will make people sick, like Jim did.


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