The truth about Squeeky

in-touchWe at ITWK feel that it is our civic responsibility to squash any rumors about  Squeeky, the beloved truck belonging to the Horticulture department. Understand this- Squeeky is NOT alive. Squeeky is truck, a mechanical object- nothing more! We have been overhearing bits and pieces of different conversations, and all they do is instigate unnecessary fear in impressionable volunteers. So, when you hear things like this, just ignore them.

“Squeeky is really alive and controls the horticulture crew at Kalani. This isn’t a conspiracy. It’s confirmed by many sources who no longer volunteer because they fear the wrath of Squeeky.”

“Squeeky has infiltrated Kalani’s horticulture team. The radio has been speaking in tongues and telling the horticulture crew to dance on the hoods and swing machetes in unison as they chant to the almighty Squeeky.”

“Squeeky” is the real manager of the team, not Molly. He finds pleasure in working them to the bone all for the honor of the overlord Squeekster the supreme truck god.”

None of this is true. Although Squeeky is just a truck, it is also a valued member of the Horticulture team, so let’s all show it respect. It is not alive. It is not possessed by any evil spirits, and it demands nothing of the team. Do not fear Squeeky when you hear it squeaking along. It is  just transporting the crew to and from their work areas. It intends no harm to you or to anybody. And please, everybody, please stop spreading rumors like this. They do nothing but scare good volunteers away. Don’t do that. We need good workers here.


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