Volunteer Office Confession

notesWe all felt sorry for our Volunteer Office Team after reading all the nasty notes which were dropped into the suggestion box. We care and we don’t want our beloved volunteer team to worry, to cry and be sad even though we all know they don’t do anything in this office. If a volunteer decides to change a departure date, there is only 12-step process to do it, after interviewing a potential volunteer there is only 24-steps to the  process of making them official.

They have plenty of time, but this is not an excuse to write abusive notes to them and to make them cry. This is why we are here: ITWK – the saviors! This is our responsibility to investigate, to find the truth and to share the findings with the entire community. We sent all the abusive notes to the handwriting experts along with our volunteer’s writing samples. The findings were shocking. We couldn’t believe it and we are still shaking. We were not sure if we should share this, but we are sworn to present the truth and we have obligations. The shocking truth is that Volunteer Office wrote all  these notes themselves! Why, we asked, why they would do such a thing?! “We didn’t feel loved enough and we thought that if we write abusive notes, the community will feel sorry for us and will show us some love. Nobody comes anymore to hug us, nobody wants to talk to us. We just wanted to be noticed. We were closing our doors so it would attract attention, but it didn’t work so we decided to write the notes so people would stop ignoring us. We are sorry” – they cried. We understood and hugged them. Nobody wants to be ignored and not be loved. Come on people, be human and show some love to our beautiful volunteer team.


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