Why Corey Busses Dishes

bussingIf you have ever eaten a meal on the lanai with Corey, you know that he always busses the dishes of everybody at the table who has finished their meal, which is really nice of him. He does this as an act of kindness without any expectation of tips, a return favor, or anything at all. He does it out of the goodness of his heart, right? That’s what we always thought, until we dug a little deeper into this phenomenon.

It’s true he does do this as a kind act, but it is not without an expectation in return. There was a devout Buddhist here at Kalani recently who observed Corey’s actions and immediately saw into a recent past life where he and Corey shared a Karmic bond.

bussing-2This monk told us that in that lifetime, Corey was a woman from the Deep South named Barbara K. Gnant, whose laziness drove her husband and three children to suicide. Barbara wouldn’t do anything- nothing at all. She refused to get up off the sofa and expected her family to bring her food all the time- every day, every meal, and a bunch of snacks all the time too. And then she would leave the dishes on the floor, without any care of the bugs or vermin they would attract, until finally one of her poor, beleaguered family members came and cleaned up after her, and gave her a sponge bath with a bucket of water and soap suds because she wouldn’t even get up to go take a bath or a shower. This says nothing, of course, of her other bathroom habits and how her family had to deal with that. We’re not going to get into any of that, although that monk told us all about it, because it is just too disturbing, and we don’t want to disgust you because you might be reading this while you eat.

Suffice it to say, all this took its toll on her family, and that is why they all killed themselves, and then she died too because nobody was left to feed her and take care of her. But that was all in a different lifetime.

In this lifetime, Barbara K. Gnant is Corey, and in order to make right all the bad Karma that got created, Corey must bus one million dishes without pay or reward in order to reach Samsara, and break free of the cycle of life, death, and rebirth. If he can get all those bussed dishes in this life time, great; his Karma will be fixed and he doesn’t have to be reborn anymore. If he can’t though, he’ll have to reincarnate again and keep going with bussing more dishes, which wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world, but it would be nice for Corey if he didn’t have to.  We’re rooting for you, Corey, and hope you achieve this goal this lifetime and get your Karma fixed. Keep going!


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