In Touch with a different culture: Zora & Andrea


Where is your country and what is the official language?

Slovakia, not Slovenia. It is absolutely central of Europe. We speak Slovak.

What is a traditional food from your country?

Halušky- Dumplings, with cheese from sheep, and on top you can use sour cream and small pieces of bacon. It is very tasty.

What was the biggest culture shock you’ve experienced at Kalani?
Maybe this pool stuff, naked people walking, showing stuff. I wasn’t really shocked. I was surprised.

Andrea: I was surprised by behavior. People are really polite. They say “hi” to you. They say “How are you?” but they don’t expect your answer. They just walk away.

What do you like most about your culture?

Zora: I’m kind of anti-Slovak. I grew up in UK. I am open and when I talk, I like to touch people.

Andrea: I like Slovakia. In the countryside, people are open and hug. They want to know you. They want to talk to you. They show you their homes. And in the countryside, you can find this traditional Slovak folk arts buildings or houses. And in every town, you will find a church and a pub.

How do you say ‘hello’ and ‘I love you’ in Slovak?

Hello: Ahoj. (pronounced Ahoy)
I love you:
 There are two ways. One is Ľúbim ťa. But if you are really, really serious, you say, Milujem ťa.

What is the national dance?

There is folk dance. My uncle was a professional folk dancer.


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