Steve Yearns for the Return of Kalani Casanova

3Steve is hurting, and he needs our love, so let’s band together as a community and be there for him. Steve was very, very attached to Brian “Casanova” Slaughter, who left Kalani back in November. The feelings and affection that Steve had for Casanova ran deeper than any one of us would have ever guessed. He just hasn’t been the same at all since he left. Joe, Steve’s manager had this to say to us about the situation: “Steve doesn’t even work anymore. And when he does work, all he does is bang a hammer on random objects, crying. Mostly, he just shows up at the maintenance shed and pretty much just mopes around all day. Usually he just stares at Richard’s painting of Casanova, which is creepy enough, but then he starts talking to it, saying things like, ‘Hey. How’s going?’ Or ‘My man, you are looking good today!’ We’ve also heard from the Volunteer Office that Steve regularly stops by asking, “Is he coming back? Have you heard from Casanova? Is he coming back? Did he submit an application yet?” To which the coordinator on duty can only shake their head sadly and say, “Sorry Steve. No.” “That’s all right.” Steve replies as he walks away, fighting back his tears flowing copiously. This happens 6 times a week. Clearly Steve is fragile and sensitive, so let’s be there for him and show him that Aloha that we are famous for. Give him hug. Buy him a beer. Tell him you love him. Saying goodbye to somebody you care about as they leave Kalani is never an easy thing to do. It’s that much harder when you are Steve, and the one you are saying goodbye to is the Kalani Casanova.


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