In Touch with a different culture: Eva

Where is your country and what is the official language?

screen-shot-2017-02-10-at-9-21-11-pmI am from Germany, and we speak German, but we also have a lot of dialects, like Bayerisch, Schwaebisch, Ost Friesisch

What is a traditional food from your country?

I am from Bavaria and we have sausages with mustard and beer.  And all over Germany we have Wiener Schnitzel -it is like breaded cutlet, and Kartoffel Salat. Personally I am vegetarian and I  don’t eat typical German food. I prefer Mediterranean cuisine.

What was the biggest culture shock you’ve experienced at Kalani?
The fur coat landing and  boinng on my bed in the middle of the night hahaha. That was shock for me because I don’t like to share my bed with strangers. And he had no manners! I opened the door to let him out and he didn’t want to leave! Unbelievable!

What do you like most about your culture?

We are really organized, maybe sometimes too much. We also like to enjoy our life, have fun and dance.

How do you say ‘hello’ and ‘I love you’ in German?

Hello: In Bavaria we say: “Gruess Gott”, and Servus; in Hamburg they say: “Moin Moin”. In Germany in general we say “Guten Tag”.

I love you:  “Ich liebe Dich”

What is the national dance?

Walzer and Laendler are German dances, but I prefer Hula and African dances


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