How to Maintain Job Security at Kalani

11The idea of job security at Kalani is purely a myth. It is absolutely possible to run out of work to do and render yourself obsolete. How do you combat this?  One way is to do what Kyle does. He is our Vector Control guy. His job is to catch the pigs on property and have them shipped out to a farm. He’s captured over 30 pigs and it looks like he pretty much got them all. You might think Kyle will be out of a job soon, asked to leave, escorted off property, and driven to the airport with a handshake and a “Thanks for all you did for us.” When all the pigs are gone, will we still need him? No, actually we won’t. Kyle is a pretty smart guy though. He’s not going to let that happen. If you will notice, there is still that one pig roaming around the property. Couldn’t Kyle catch that one too if he really wanted to? Of course he could. He could do it in his sleep. He’s that good. So why hasn’t he? Because as long as there is one last pig to catch, his job is safe, that’s why. When Kyle is ready to leave, he’ll catch that pig. Until then, there will always be a reason why he hasn’t. You may hear him say, “I had her, but she busted out of the cage.” Or “She’s just too smart to get caught.” It will always be something like that. It will always be a reason to stick around a little bit longer.  So do like Kyle does. If you want job security, always make sure your job is never quite done. If you work in the kitchen, leave one more plate to wash later. If you work in Housekeeping, make sure there is always that one last basket of laundry that you will get to another time. If you are in maintenance, don’t get to all the tickets right away- leave a couple for another day. Horticulture? You don’t need to cut down all the weed trees in a day. Save a few for tomorrow. Or next week. Or whenever. The worse thing you can do here is run out of work to do, because then you might not be needed anymore. If you value your job, always make sure there is more to do later. This doesn’t make you lazy. It makes you smart.


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