New Casanova in Town

5As you might remember from our In Touch with Kalani ed.7, our Casanova Ryan left the community to start a Devil Workshop Cult on Molokai along with a former volunteer Sheldon. It was very peaceful for a while. No secret affairs, no broken hearts, no crying, no suicide attempts. Everybody seems to live in harmony and love. We wrote in our latest edition about a beautiful relationship of Mat and Crystal. We thought their love will last forever. Well, Mat likes challenges and Crystal was not a challenge for him anymore. Crystal was ready to propose to Mat when we discovered his secret affair with our beautiful Tiffany. You are probably as shocked and confused as we are.  We all know  Tiff likes girls, as a matter of fact her girlfriend is coming soon. So what is going on here? Well we digged a little and found out the truth about Mat. He is the real reincarnation of famous Giacomo Casanova. When he turns on his charm, no woman can resist him. None! He has that certain something that drives all women wild. It doesn’t’ matter what woman, be they married, single, straight, lesbian, bi, they are all susceptible to his allure. One gaze into eyes, and they are his! Such is the fate of poor Tiff. She tried to resist him. She really did! But she just couldn’t. When Mat grabbed her, pulled her in close gazing into her eyes and said in that smooth velvety voice he is so famous for, “Hey Tiff, how’s it going?” she simply melted and surrendered to his power. No longer able to call herself a lesbian, she has called off her relationship with her girlfriend- another heart broken thanks to Cassanova Mat. Is this a love that will last? Or is Tiff simply Mat’s latest  conquest? Time will tell. In the meantime, ladies, be careful with your hearts. Don’t let it be broken by Mat, for Mat is The New Casanova!


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