The Grave

1The epitaph is simple. “R.I.P. Here lies the man who lost Scott’s machete.” That’s all it says. If you don’t know what we are talking about, take a walk out to the Permaculture area and you will see the grave. It’s the grave of an unknown volunteer, a volunteer who has paid the ultimate price for losing Scott’s machete. We all know Scott can be a demanding leader, even tyrannical when he has to be, but the mere presence of this grave tells us so much more about who Scott is as a man. It tells us that he will kill to make a point. He will shoot a volunteer down just to watch them die. The point made? Don’t lose his stuff! He’s watching. He knows who takes what and he knows what doesn’t get returned. Let’s not let permaculture turn into a graveyard. Let it end with that one grave. If you borrow Scott’s machete, return it. Don’t end up like that one volunteer, whoever it is in that grave. That’s all we’re asking. Be careful out around permaculture. It’s far enough away from the rest of campus that when you are there, nobody can hear you scream. Just something to think about.


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