Trent is Special

TrentTrent’s mom told him he was special. We wanted to know if that was true or not, so we followed him around to decide for ourselves. What we discovered is astounding! Everything his mom said is true. Trent is a very special boy!  Just how special is Trent? Read on and you will see. Trent cares about the landscaping crew and makes sure they always have gloves to wear, and he tells them to be sure to drink plenty of water, because if they don’t drink enough water, they will dehydrate and get sick, and that’s never any fun. Those are two very special things that Trent does. Trent also wears a T-shirt that says “I Got Game.” It’s a special T-shirt that nobody else is allowed to wear, because nobody has game quite like Trent. Trent mows the lawn, and he likes to do it. When he is on the mower, he is always smiling and he will wave to you when you walk by, because he is happy to see you. Not everybody is happy to see you. Some people wish you would just go away, but not Trent! Trent is glad you are here. That’s another reason why he is special. Trent also knows how to drive the big green tractor, which is hard to do, but it’s not hard for Trent. Trent learned how to drive tractors when he was young, and has always driven tractors. Trent is a good leader, and sometimes he will step up into leadership roles when somebody has to do it. That’s really nice of him, like when we needed an interim Facilities Manager, and Trent raised his hand and said, “I’ll do it.” Thank you, Trent! The list  goes on, and you probably have hundreds of reasons why you also think Trent is special. We totally understand why his mom thinks he’s special.We think he’s special too! Trent, you’re special!


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