Fire ant solution

elephantOne day we found a picture in our inbox- an origami towel in a shape of an elephant and the picture was crossed. What is behind it and who is behind it? No signature, no note just a picture. No origami elephants?  We don’t do origami towels at Kalani and we don’t even have elephants.  We thought maybe this is a new idea in Housekeeping to create origami and obviously someone doesn’t like that idea. We sent our undercover secret service agents to Housekeeping to investigate and we got nothing. Housekeeping didn’t know anything about origami towels; they are so busy with current HK tasks to think about adding more work and spend time on origami towels. Looks like everybody was on the same page. That was a dead end. We didn’t give up. We investigated other departments and that led us to Permaculture. Elephants and Permaculture makes more sense than elephants and housekeeping but what we discovered surprised us. This was not an elephant at all. Sometimes you think that you see something but when you look deeper it turns out this is something completely different. Our elephant changed to an anteater. That makes more sense, we need anteaters here to get rid of the fire ants. Ouch, fire ants, we all experience them. You can barely see them but you can really feel them. So someone gave us an idea to bring anteaters here and the crossed picture is not a cross, it is a cage for the anteater to keep him here. We were so happy we solved the mystery but suddenly we got a new clue which led to Robyn V. We remembered one day we had conversation about fire ants with Robyn. Well, Robyn had a brilliant idea instead of trying to kill them we can eat them. They are a little fiery so why not to use them as a spice. We could have on each table salt, pepper and fireaunter.  We can also sell them at Hale Aloha or even export them to mainland and make lots of money for a new kitchen. Ants have lots of protein, however you have to cook or boil them to neutralize the poisonous  formic acid. So remember that before you poison yourself.

But what it has to do with our picture? Well Robyn heard about the idea of bringing anteater to Kalani and of course she didn’t like it. She wanted to open her business Import-Export between Kalani and London. If you are wondering why she is in UK now here is your answer. She is working on making this happened already. And well she wants to sabotage Scott’s idea of bringing anteaters here because that will collide with her business. So by dropping the picture in our inbox she wanted to send a message – no anteaters here! She also has a mantra to manifest her desire. Do you want to support her dream? Memorize the mantra SLONIUWROCDODOMU and say it every time you see Robyn so she knows she has your full support. Sorry Scott we like your idea but we love Robyn’s idea better, so SLONIUWROCDODOMU Robyn.


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