Horticulture spying and taping VO phones

hort crewThis past year, the volunteer office implemented a new procedure by which volunteers can speak their mind and be heard about anything that is on their mind concerning their stay at Kalani, including how they feel about the department they work in and the shift leaders and managers. This was intended to be completely confidential. The information provided by the volunteers was always meant to stay within the confine of the volunteer office, disseminated to department leaders only as anonymous feedback.

tweet 2

This was supposed to be a safe way for volunteers to speak what is on their mind without fear of retribution from their managers. But something went wrong. Information was getting out! Shift leaders in House Keeping and the Kitchen were hearing bad things about themselves. Managers were lashing out at volunteers who complained about them. Chefs were cooking subpar meals to get revenge. How could this be happening? The entire Volunteer Office was sworn to secrecy. Nobody would dare leak this sensitive information!


Naturally, the Volunteer Office jumped to the conclusion that Housekeeping had “tapped” the phones in the office, and shot off a series of scathing tweets on the subject. When a thorough sweep of the office was complete and all “wires” had been removed, and yet sensitive information was still being leaked, they called in the In Touch With Kalani investigative team to get to the bottom of this issue. We hid in the Volunteer Office for 24 hours to see what is going on. What we discovered has shaken Kalani to its very core! The conspiracy goes well beyond Housekeeping and the Kitchen. It involves the most trusted and respected department of all Kalani,  leaving doubts about who can be trusted and who is a suspect. It involved The Horticulture team!

tweet 1

Yes, the Horticulture Team, apparently bought by Housekeeping and the Kitchen with promises of exclusive laundry service and access to leftover desserts anytime they want, has been spying on the volunteer office. Ever notice how the Horticulture team can quietly slip into any area under the cover of “pulling weeds” unnoticed? Well, that’s exactly what they had been doing- right outside the screened window of the volunteer office.

They appeared to be focused on beautifying the aina, but no. They were listening in on every check in interview that the Volunteer Office did and provided transcripts to HK or Kitchen whenever something bad was said about them. Disgraceful! But fear not, reverence has been restored to the check in chats. Guards have been posted outside the window of the Volunteer Office. Confidentiality has been restored. You can once again trust that your concerns are not being leaked.


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