Kalani Renewal

renewalEverybody is talking about Kalani Renewal and everybody has the wrong idea on what is going on. But we know and we want to share with you our findings.

Be ready for anything, literally. Kalani will be the best educational center ever. We will all start from zero so whatever you know just forget about it. You will learn many new skills over the years.

Here is the plan. At the beginning of New Year we will do a lottery, two lotteries to be exact: one for work assignment and one for housing assignment. So you better start talking to Honu, the Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle or get friendly with geckos- symbols of good luck, because your good luck will depend on them.  And trust us, you will need a good luck. So special cards are being created for each job position and for every housing possibility. Everybody will gather on New Year’s Eve and we will all pull two cards. One for housing and one for work assignment. It doesn’t matter what position you are holding now; just forget about it and stay open. You will have a one month to prove yourself and learn new skills. Let’s take Jacky. She works now in the communication office, and she pulls out auto-mechanic card. She might be probably thinking ‘but I don’t know anything about cars”.  Well she will have a great opportunity to learn new skills and to learn them quickly. Everyone will have one month to learn and it will be their choice how they want to learn. We have a wonderful tool called “Google” now where you can learn anything. We will became the fastest growing community in the world.

The same with housing. If you live now in a beautiful A-frame, like Leora, you might end up in the campsite for a year or you might be lucky and you will move to ‘Siberia.’ It is all about good luck or good manifestation. You better start manifesting now and you’d better enjoy your work and your housing as much as you can because ‘nothing last forever’ and Puna district is all about change. If you are not ready for change you’d better start looking for a new home because a lot of changes are coming


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