Kalani’s Hidden Treasure


Sometimes people come to Kalani who are not who they seem to be. The Volunteer Office cannot run a background check on everybody, so they trust that they are who they say they are. If an applicant claims to be a simple and humble farm worker from Hungary, we just assume that that is what they are. There is no reason to assume that they are really the heir to the Hungarian Throne, which was the case with a recent volunteer, construction zoneZoltan. Zoltan, as you may recall from a previous issue was imprisoned in Hale 2, what was then a prison for Kalani’s most notorious offenders. He was put in this prison, as reported in issue #9, for trying to take over the kitchen with Hungarian cooking. But this was just a ruse. Zoltan didn’t even know how to cook! Zoltan wanted to be imprisoned in Hale 2 so that he could hide a priceless artifact that he smuggled from his homeland with the intention of one day returning to retrieve it. This was a famous ceramic figurine once owned by the king of Hungary, dating back to 1918. He knew it was not safe in Hungary, as with the overthrow of the Kingdom, Hungarian thieves were after it. Zoltan would never let them have it! He would sooner be killed than to let this valuable artifact from his nobel ancestral line fall into the hands of commoners. So he made a plan. He would become a volunteer at Kalani and stash it in the one place nobody would ever think to look- in the Hale 2 prison. When the Kingdom is restored, then he will return for it so it can take its rightful place on the Altar of the Palace.So he faked a crime, the crime of trying to take over the kitchen so he would be imprisoned there and he could hide it. It was a brilliant scheme and nobody suspected anything until the day he sent the gift of a bottle of wine to the Ohana. It was then that his scheme unravelled.It was an elaborate plan that he could not do alone, so he had one single trusted accomplice, whose identity will not be revealed due to concerns for their safety. This accomplice, as it turns out, tends to talk a lot when they drink wine, and they couldn’t help but to talk about their plan to help Zoltan after drinking the gift wine. Now the secret was out and the management staff knew there was a priceless relic hidden somewhere in Hale 2. But how to find it without drawing attention to the fact they knew about it and were looking for it? The answer was simple. Stage a fake deep clean and rebuilding of the entire kitchen and Hale 2. This would give them the perfect cover they needed to search every inch of Hale 2 until they found it. But it must have been very well hidden, as they extended the “deep clean” by a few extra days to give them the chance to look for it even more. Where they successful? Did they find it? Our sources are unable to tell us with certainty. But won’t it be interesting if all a sudden Kalani is able to afford a new kitchen out of nowhere when they couldn’t before? We will monitor the situation and keep you updated, because you deserve to know.


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