In Touch with a different culture: Hasim

Where is your country and what is the official language? “My country is Sudan, it is the biggest country in all Africa. In the North is Egypt and Libya, in the West is Chad, to the South is Uganda and Kenya and to the East is Ethiopia and Eritrea. Our language is Arabic.” What is a traditional food from your country? “We have more than 500 tribes and each one has their own traditional food, along with their own traditional dance and culture. Asieda goraza is from my mom’s tribe. It is essentially like a pizza dough that we put … Continue reading In Touch with a different culture: Hasim

A Hui Huo! (Issue #1)

A Hui Huo! For Sam: “Ain’t no sunshine when he’s gone” “I wish you were straight and single!!” “I’m so thankful you are NOT straight and single… I don’t like the competition” – Casanova “The best shoulder rub ever!” “You’ve got the Midas touch” “Just a beautiful man with a beautiful heart” “Beautiful and gentle soul” “Voted best smile” For Jen: “A shining star that brightened my day” “She always makes me smile” “Such a vibrant energy” “We will miss your caring and loving spirit” “Your laughter was so contagious!” “My sister from another mister” Continue reading A Hui Huo! (Issue #1)

Public service announcement: Wellness day edition

Taking a wellness day is an essential part of maintaining our health so that we may contribute to the community to the best of our abilities. In that spirit, we at ‘In Touch with Kalani’ wanted to extend some helpful tips on how NOT to care for yourself on your wellness day so that you may heal as quickly as possible. 1) Drinking alcoholic beverages is NOT a recommended way to heal yourself. Especially if you are taking antibiotics, because let’s face it, you’ll just end up peeing them out! 2) While we all strive to heal ourselves in the … Continue reading Public service announcement: Wellness day edition

Kleptomaniac suspected: Missing tools still on the loose!

Despite pleas from the various departments calling for those in the community to NOT take things without asking, this next tale is another painful reminder of how even begging (on knees or not) doesn’t always result the way we hope. A paint roller (pictured as exhibit A) was found missing from the maintenance shed late Saturday afternoon, much to the disappointment of the crew. It was uncertain where the roller rolled off to until an anonymous tip (exhibit B) alerted ‘In Touch with Kalani’ staff of its possible location. This anonymous source sadly only provided the following picture as a … Continue reading Kleptomaniac suspected: Missing tools still on the loose!

E­Dance spirit saved by Aloha Patrol!!

A shocking scene erupted at Emax mid­day on Sunday during a regularly scheduled E­Dance event. Witnesses say (after the event of course) that a couple of the attendees broke the cardinal rule of E­dancing… NO TALKING! Luckily two members of the Aloha patrol were quick on the scene to escort the perpetrators from the premises, leaving the vibe intact and those who were in attendance to once again immerse themselves in their trance.So far no charges have been filed. Mahalo Aloha Patrol! Continue reading E­Dance spirit saved by Aloha Patrol!!

Menehune mystery solved: Potential CATastrophe avoided

After missing for over a week from his home in OV, Menehune returned unscathed, to the elation of the locals. One OV neighbor stated “I’ve never seen Menehune gone for such a long time. I found his disappearance very odd and was worried about him, but thankfully he has  returned!” But one question still  remained: where had he been all week? A full scale investigation ensued and led to an intriguing discovery. After extensive interviews from the community it was revealed that about half a mile through the jungle, Menehune was spotted in Uptown engaging in what only could be … Continue reading Menehune mystery solved: Potential CATastrophe avoided

Kalani Casanova Caught in Action

Suspicion arose after a team member of maintenance was caught looking rather cozy with two potentially different women in the same day. Insiders revealed having spotted this man (who wishes to remain unidentified) early on Sundaymorning taking an intimate stroll along the road with a volunteer, then later was seen looking a little too “handsy” with yet another woman in front of her Hale. It is unclear at this point whether the women are aware of his suspected playboy activities. Further investigations are underway. The “Casanova of Kalani” has declined all requests for an interview. Continue reading Kalani Casanova Caught in Action