In Touch with a different culture: Radha

Where is your country and what is the official language? My country is UK and the language is English What is a traditional food from your country? Fish and Chips or scones with clotted cream  – thick cream that you put on the scone and strawberry jam and Breakfast or Earl Gray tea What was the biggest culture shock you’ve experienced at Kalani? OMG American culture, hmmm language, how we speak the same language but have different word for different things, different sense of humor. British is very dry. Food is very different, like peanut butter jelly, what is is? … Continue reading In Touch with a different culture: Radha

How to Maintain Job Security at Kalani

The idea of job security at Kalani is purely a myth. It is absolutely possible to run out of work to do and render yourself obsolete. How do you combat this?  One way is to do what Kyle does. He is our Vector Control guy. His job is to catch the pigs on property and have them shipped out to a farm. He’s captured over 30 pigs and it looks like he pretty much got them all. You might think Kyle will be out of a job soon, asked to leave, escorted off property, and driven to the airport with … Continue reading How to Maintain Job Security at Kalani

A Kalani Exclusive: New Guru Chosen for Kalani

We’ve been having volunteers coming to our office and reporting different gatherings happening at the solar shed but we didn’t pay attention. We all know there is a lot of going on at Kalani, people always get together and have fun. There was nothing suspicious about tech night, didgeridoo workshops or dome building. Pete, the initiator is a great member of our community; always willing to listen and help everyone who needs help. Our suspicion was aroused when he proposed an Awa Ceremony, drinking elixir made of awa root, an ancient Hawaiian ritual. Pete was never interested in Hawaiian culture … Continue reading A Kalani Exclusive: New Guru Chosen for Kalani

New Casanova in Town

As you might remember from our In Touch with Kalani ed.7, our Casanova Ryan left the community to start a Devil Workshop Cult on Molokai along with a former volunteer Sheldon. It was very peaceful for a while. No secret affairs, no broken hearts, no crying, no suicide attempts. Everybody seems to live in harmony and love. We wrote in our latest edition about a beautiful relationship of Mat and Crystal. We thought their love will last forever. Well, Mat likes challenges and Crystal was not a challenge for him anymore. Crystal was ready to propose to Mat when we … Continue reading New Casanova in Town

Mystery of The Missing Shoes Solved

Certainly you have heard the expression “To understand somebody, you must walk a mile in their shoes.” Somebody at the March open mic has taken this expression very seriously, and has been getting to know Ronnie, Jaime, and Joel very well as they are walking in their flip flops and sandals after having “exchanged” their own for theirs. This is fine, to an extent, but now they would like their footwear back. Especially Ronnie, who unlike Jaime and Joel who only lost cheap flip flops,  lost an expensive pair of hiking sandals in an exchange for  fall apart dollar store … Continue reading Mystery of The Missing Shoes Solved

Shocking Revelation about Phil and Rondi

Recently, we were  in our editorial office eating ramen noodles after a long, stressful day  while watching episodes of “Welcome Back Kotter”  season seven on DVD that a former volunteer had sent us as part of a care package when a severely panicked volunteer came into our office screaming. We hit pause on the DVD and asked her “What is it?” When she got her wits about her, she said, “Rondi is Phil!” And then she collapsed and went into shock. We looked at each other and said in unison, “My God!” And rushed outside to see if we could … Continue reading Shocking Revelation about Phil and Rondi

The Grave

The epitaph is simple. “R.I.P. Here lies the man who lost Scott’s machete.” That’s all it says. If you don’t know what we are talking about, take a walk out to the Permaculture area and you will see the grave. It’s the grave of an unknown volunteer, a volunteer who has paid the ultimate price for losing Scott’s machete. We all know Scott can be a demanding leader, even tyrannical when he has to be, but the mere presence of this grave tells us so much more about who Scott is as a man. It tells us that he will … Continue reading The Grave