New Member of ‘In Touch’?

Can you guess who this mysterious, potentially new employee (pending a gruesome probationary period) who unofficially (until he’s official) wishes to go by the name “Junior Cub Reporter” is? The first person who can name who it is, on facebook, gets a FREE ice cream! In Touch with Kalani co-created with love by Jola, Jarka and Alex.  Proofread by Jim (in order to get this publication approved, all his sarcastic edits were omitted). Comments, questions or suggestions are welcome! Continue reading New Member of ‘In Touch’?

In Touch with a different culture: Hilda, Ria y Alejandra

Where is your country and what is the official language? Spanish.  South of the United States about the same latitude as Hawaii.  It’s a tropical country in the South of Mexico same as the Hawaiian islands. Geography class is my best friend! It is between the Tropic of Cancer and the Equator.  We are both from Mexico city (Hilda y Alejandra) and Ria is from Guerrero state “My parents are Mexican and they only speak spanish.  I was born in California but I am Mexican American” (Ria).   What is a traditional food from your country? “Oh wow there are … Continue reading In Touch with a different culture: Hilda, Ria y Alejandra

GET INSPIRED! The Kitchen Ohana: Increasing your lifespan since 1975

How much time do you get back on your life by being at Kalani? Let’s break it down from the kitchen perspective: Time saved: Shopping for weekly groceries: 2 hours Getting to store: 1 hour Cooking an organic and nutritious meal weekly: 10 hours Cleaning up after your meals weekly: 5 hours Total: 18 hours gained weekly So what does this mean for you? Sabbatical (1 month): 72 hours gained 3 month volunteer: 216 hours gained Richard (42 years): 1,273 days gained 1,273 days gained to swim more, get to that yoga class, have a pedicure by the pool, dance … Continue reading GET INSPIRED! The Kitchen Ohana: Increasing your lifespan since 1975

Conflict Resolution at Kalani

Conflict Resolution at Kalani   Just because we live in paradise doesn’t mean the occasional conflict isn’t going to happen. Who among us hasn’t wanted to punch somebody in the face or run somebody’s arm through a meat grinder over some silly, inconsequential argument? When you live in a community though, these things are frowned upon. So, instead of taking your conflict resolution to such an extreme, please consider these alternative means of resolution Foot Race: Sound simple? It is! Have a foot race to decide who is right and who is wrong. Let’s consider, for example, a conflict between … Continue reading Conflict Resolution at Kalani

A Kalani Exclusive: Not Enough Gold??

“I’ve had enough!”. Hazim, a beloved volunteer at Kalani was overheard shouting this statement after the release of the first issue of In Touch with Kalani. Sources revealed he was accosted by others unaffiliated with ‘In Touch…’ with follow-up questions of their own. In a sudden turn of events however, Hazim who expressed wishes to leave after all the harassment had a change of heart.  Literally as it turned out, for only a few days later reports began to fly in about a new lady in his life!  Kalarazzi photographers captured the following pictures where the couple look to be … Continue reading A Kalani Exclusive: Not Enough Gold??

Public Service Announcement: Walking on Lava

As Pele erupts her power of fire in a visually stunning display for tourists and locals alike to enjoy, we thought it a good time to remind people of the many precautions one should undertake if planning to visit her glory.   Water, water and more water!  Though water is the opposite of fire, therefore seeming like a potential insult to the goddess, we do recommend you bring copious amounts of water for your journey to refresh your spirit along the way.   Wear sensible shoes for the hike! Ladies, leave your stilettos and platform shoes for the clubs!  Time … Continue reading Public Service Announcement: Walking on Lava

Wonder Woman to the Rescue?

During a particularly grueling day in Housekeeping due to the unexplained absence of Mel, volunteers were elated to have the sudden appearance of Wonder Woman herself!  She seemingly came out of nowhere and swooped in to the rescue vacuuming, cleaning surfaces, scrubbing toilets, making beds and folding towels with such energy and zest that it had onlookers watching in awe!  She was so speedy and energetic that it had some ‘wondering’ where her ‘wonder’ powers actually came from. In potentially related news, horticulture reported that same morning that one of their “potted” plants was missing.  Though we at In Touch … Continue reading Wonder Woman to the Rescue?

Bee Charged with Illicit Behavior at Pride Parade

Insider sources revealed a bee (not the actual insect, but a person dressed as one) was arrested and charged with illicit behavior after publicly exposing themselves at the Pride Parade.  Or in other words simply BEEhaving improperly!  Kalani, as many may know was a proud presence at the Pride Parade held in Hilo July 9th.  Their theme this year was ‘Bee Love’ where all Kalani attendees showed their support by dressing as bees.  The news of a Kalani bee BEEing arrested spread like wildfire as concerned Kalanian’s rushed to the station to bail their fellow bee out. Sources say the … Continue reading Bee Charged with Illicit Behavior at Pride Parade

Shocking Scene Discovered at the Pool!

Due to the particularly unsettling nature of this following story, we at In Touch with Kalani advise our readers that this article is for adult and mature audiences only.  The following story comes to us from a volunteer.  This is their story: “It was a beautiful morning!  The sky was a bold and striking blue, the clouds dotted the edges of the sky hinting at rain later in the day, birds sung their songs happily.  It was my day off and I was looking forward to a relaxing day, starting with some much needed pool time.  As I approached the … Continue reading Shocking Scene Discovered at the Pool!