Our winner Dan Tallant received his prize for participating in our ‘mystery writer’ contest and he seems to be content! 🙂His grand prize, an original artwork created by our very own and very talented Savannah named “Ice Cream Cone” was presented to him. Of course he did also receive a REAL tub of delicious Tahitian Vanilla ice cream. Continue reading CONTEST WINNER!!!!

Aloha From Lava Land: Review

Recently we were treated to a screening of Aloha from Lava Land, a film documenting the simple reality of the town of Pahoa, Hawaii as it is threatened by a lava flow promising to cut it in two as it covers the only road to access it. Co-directed by Zenne Seradwyn, captures the drama of the residents whose lives would be impacted by the cutting in two of the town by lava. This is a film celebrates the reality and the uniqueness of what is a very special place on the planet, and why those who choose to call it … Continue reading Aloha From Lava Land: Review

Darby: The Storm that Wasn’t, Really

The forecast was for torrential rain and for winds up to 50 miles per hour. And that’s what happened, more or less. Wind. Rain. You know, a storm. As far as tropical storms go, Darby was a wimpy one at the very least that left many Kalani volunteers looking to the heavens saying, “Is that all you got?” The electricity didn’t even go out. I mean, come on! It is true that some trees did come down and some branches did fall during Tropical Storm Darby, but in all fairness, those trees and branches were going to come down anyway. … Continue reading Darby: The Storm that Wasn’t, Really

A Kalani Exclusive: The Wedding of the Millennium!

It isn’t often that a community gets to watch love grow between two people from its roots to their wedding.  Such a blessing was bestowed upon Kalani however with the matrimonial union of Clayton (Clay Clay) and Rui (Rui Rui).  The day of the wedding was a blissfully beautiful afternoon full of joy, laughter and love.  But this isn’t the story of how the two lovebirds met, nor exclusively about their wedding.  What follows are the before, during and after bits of drama and dirt that even YOU didn’t realize were happening. For, when we first heard about the joyous … Continue reading A Kalani Exclusive: The Wedding of the Millennium!

Hale Aloha Opens Despite (Little Known) Insurmountable Obstacles!

Electrical wires were delivered in a tangled mess due to bouncing around in the delivery trucks We ordered pipes from the mainland but they kept sending crack pipes instead They ran out of ‘positive energy’ paint and sent us ‘mangled rainbow’ and ‘deranged kittens’ paint E-dancers overflowed into Hale Aloha stalling work on Sundays Punatic family moved in and asserted squatters rights Local hippies blocked entrances for hours on end making entry impossible Monies allotted for construction was diverted to a homeless family in the spirit of Aloha Even nature was against us… Spider webs blocked entry to arachnophobic off-site … Continue reading Hale Aloha Opens Despite (Little Known) Insurmountable Obstacles!

Chupacabra Spotted at Kalani!!

It was a lazy day in the office when a volunteer came rushing out of the jungle toward us in a panic! They stopped just short of us and doubled over to catch their breath, wiping beads of sweat from their brow. Once they calmed down a bit we asked what was wrong.  As the blood drained out of their face and fear set in their eyes they whispered one single word: “Chupacabra!” Chupacabra??? A chupacabra HERE?!?! Suddenly we were all in a rush, shoving our essential items in suitcases, collapsing our tents, trying desperately to make plane reservations between … Continue reading Chupacabra Spotted at Kalani!!