BREAKING NEWS: Scott Laaback Dies at the meeting, Annie Revives Him


scottKalani is surely in debt to Annie, whose quick thinking, cool head, and amazing Reiki energy restored life to Permaculture Manager, Scott Laaback when he died at the Monday Morning Meeting on November 7, 2016. The cause of Scott’s death is unclear. Some say the excitement of the meeting was too much for him and his heart gave out. Others say he ate a bad Frittata at breakfast that morning. Some believe he was stung by one of his own bees at the Kalani beekeeping place. We will never know why Scott was legally dead for three long minutes, because we never had a chance to perform an autopsy. Before a coroner could be called, Annie swiftly grabbed his arm and did some kind of voo-doo hocus pocus energy healing magic on him and brought him back to life. Without missing a beat, Scott got up and delivered his Permaculture update as if he hadn’t just that minute gone towards the light, and then came back from it again. Now THAT’S what you call living sustainably! Way to go, Scott! We love you and we’re glad you’re not dead!


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